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Bengbu police seized fake Nike shoes 50 more than double the value of 600 million

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According to the Anhui Daily reported that the Bengbu Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic investigation Dadongyong Longzihu coin shortage and its glycosides on PI's drowning Sun Ping Yu, ζ. Kang Ti Ao einsteinium oar tassel Fu Shuo Macao, Tu Ti Xie Huan Yu lung, wine CONVERSE ” &ldquo, ” Vance brand; sports shoes 50 more than double, involving up to 600 million yuan, and arrested 11 suspects. Nike said the case is the largest case of Nike's global crackdown. According to the police, the genuine price of 300~400 per pair of “ CONVERSE ” sports shoes, production costs per pair is only 12~13 yuan.

[report] fake shoes in the Middle East market flow out of Bengbu
At the beginning of December 2015, Nike sports (Chinese) Limited company representative to the Bengbu police said recently in several countries of the Middle East market found counterfeit brands “ CONVERSE ” sports shoes, suspected from around Bengbu outflow, causing heavy losses to the trademark rights to the brand reputation and economy, I hope the police to crack down.
Longzihu Bureau immediately set up a task force, after nearly a month of diagnostic investigation, the basic situation in Bengbu City, a suburban secret production dens, storage address, production scale, shipping law, and main personnel, and locked behind the boss Dai moumou.
It is understood that the production factory is located in suburban development zone, covers an area of more than 3000 acres, the factory nearly ten large-scale modern shoe-making production line, the production line every day hundreds of workers, the size of the completely unexpected. More hidden is that the shoe factory is located in Dai Moumou own operation of the bearing factory, a typical factory, it is difficult to find out from outside, and the plant layers of security, it is difficult for outsiders to enter.
[cracked] check fakes, four vehicles shipped two days and one night
After analysis, this is a well-organized, clear division of labor special factory. Bengbu Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to act immediately.
In December 26th, within the city of Bengbu has mobilized more than 200 police officers, police investigation and security components, divided by 20 in the police car, leading to the suburban expressway service area secretly gathered. 10 in the morning, investigators rushed into the factory, soldiers divided into six groups, quickly control the important parts of the plant, arresting the major criminal suspects and obtaining important evidence. The suspects were arrested 4 people, destroyed 9 production lines, the scene seized counterfeit CONVERSE, Vance sports shoes totaling more than 50 pairs of counterfeit trademarks and packaging, totaling more than 6000 pieces, the investigators found four cars and trucks up for two days, night cleaning is completed. After the task force to continue to dig, out the fake group a huge sales network, part of Zhejiang, sellers of fake shoes wholesale to around the country through Guangdong, Fujian, most of the vendors sold to Southeast Asia and Middle East countries. Task force nonstop, which lasted more than a year, went to Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places, have arrested 7 suspects, destroyed 5 dens, and seized Guangdong customs successfully before being transported to the Middle East countries more than 40 thousand pairs of fake shoes.
[secret] cost more than ten yuan, fake shoes price three hundred or four hundred
Upon review, the suspect Moumou had gathered a bunch of technical and sales personnel, in 2012 in the suburbs of Bengbu Development Zone set up secret counterfeiting factories, with low cost 12-13 yuan per pair of big production of counterfeit “ CONVERSE ” &rdquo, “ Vance; sports shoes, with each pair of 16~17 yuan price of foreign sales, and authentic shoes in the general price 300~400 yuan a pair, so huge profits, attracted vendors crazy for its sales. Since 2012, wearing an average annual sales of more than 150 million yuan, as of the incident, sales amounted to more than 600 million yuan.
According to Nike's technical staff said, these shoes simulation degree is higher, most shoes hit the origin of Vietnam, Malaysia and other places, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
Nike global crackdown biggest case
The Ministry of Public Security Ministry of Christ as cases, and specially sent a congratulatory message, praised “ the case started 2016 of the fake first gun and said, ” “ in the case of fraud scale, professional degree high, seized the number of lines over the years to combat counterfeit sports shoes in the field. ” according to Nike said, and seized a number from the case, the case is the largest case of fake Nike global.
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